Hangzhou Choi de Accounting Services Limited is approved by the Hangzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, the establishment of the professional engaged in small and medium-sized enterprise financial agency work. Service items: bookkeeping, tax declaration; all kinds of company registration agent; agent enterprise change, transfer, liquidation and cancellation; provide financial advice for small and medium sized enterprises.

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Hangzhou registered company:

Hangzhou registered foreign company official full paragraph: RMB: 5500:


Choose a financial accounting services companies registered foreign companies more convenient, safe and secure!

List of registered foreign companies

(1)Certificate of qualification of the investor (issued by a foreign local notary)

(2)Letter of credit of the investor (the certificate issued by the Bank of the place where the investor is located)

(3)A copy of the certificate of identity, passport or business license of the investor.

(4)The above information is subject to the Chinese translation of the company registered in the translation of paper documents, and a copy of the business license of the company with a copy of the official seal.

Payment method:

一、Taobao buy:

尊皇彩票 Taobao: ,Adequate supply, self photographed, Alipay or caifutong intermediary purchase inspection, after confirmation of payment, to ensure the safety of money.

二、Direct remittance:



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Note: the best direct remittance plus a mantissa, such as 88.20 yuan, and timely notification messages, convenient and fast to confirm arrival.

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